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Shaking Beef - Bo Luc Lac

The “luc lac” is merely a description for the “shaking” or tossing of the beef back and forth in the wok after it’s quickly seared.

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'Chuck It In' Leftover Burger

A quick and simple recipe that you can stuff with almost anything you can find in your fridge!

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Caramel Chicken

The easiest and most delicious Asian chicken dish ever with sticky, sweet and savory caramel sauce. Ready in 20 mins!

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Roast Duck with Seasonal Vegetables

If you some extra time, try this recipe which will make a great meal for two otherwise you can always store away what's left in the fridge for the next day or so.

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Ginger Pork Rice Porridge

It’s a comfort meal that can feed a large group of people with very little rice.  One bowl of rice can feed about 10 people when making it into a soup.

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Congolese "Jollof Rice" with Spicy Chicken and Fresh Peppers

This makes a great family meal but can also be a great meal prep option. You can swap the basmati rice for quinoa or brown rice for a healthier alternative.

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Vegetable Curry

Inspired by Vietnam’s chicken curry, this vegetarian version is moderately spicy with just a hint of sweetness

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Warm Apple Turnover

This is a great treat and it may take some time to make but it is worth the wait. Serve with some vanilla ice cream, double cream or even some custard.

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Croquette Plantain served with Salt Fish and a Pepper Sauce

Modern twist on a Congolese favourite and vegetarian too!

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